Gundelach Finds New Beauty In Old Sounds With “Duck Hunting”
song premiere

Analogue is in, or at least I’d like to think it is.  And if it’s not, don’t tell Gundelach—it’d be too much trauma for his melancholic heart of hearts to handle.

As the popularity of electronic music has skyrocketed over the past two decades, the analogue synth sounds that the genre’s pioneers first experimented with have fallen by the wayside, replaced by the more convenient digital option.  The retro rock revival saw a huge upturn in the use of analogue synthesizers amongst the indie crowd, with Moogs and Junos once again becoming hot commodities.  But it’s taken a comparatively long time for those vintage synthesizer to reconnect with the genre that they helped spawn back in the 70s.  Gundelach is one of the artists at the forefront of this new movement within the indie-electronica scene.

Gundelach has been developing his emotionally-charged downtempo sound since his debut release in 2016, but his career took a major upturn in the last two years with the release of a string of popular singles and a collaborative release alongside fellow Norwegian producer ARY, “Games.”  Having now earned some international attention (and significant label support), Gundelach is gearing up to release his second full length album, “Baltus,” and embark on a European tour in the Spring.

Gundelach was kind enough to share with us the lead single from the upcoming album, which we are more than excited to share with you.  “Duck Hunting” taps into that nostalgic vein that so few artists can access without sounding contrived and trite.  Not only does the song title reference a classic Nintendo game (you know, the one with the orange plastic gun and the annoying dog), but the song itself channels a sort of woozy 80s soft-rock-meets-downbeat vibe.  While “Games” was a retro-futuristic romp through dreams of the tangerine variety, “Duck Hunting” takes things to down a notch to plumb the depths of the soul.  Guitars shimmer over muted gauzy synths while minimalist beats linger just north of danceability, and Gundelach’s hazy falsetto vocals explore the complex nature of modern relationships.

Gundelach had this to say about the new track:

“The song is about being in a relationship, about being depressed and having someone helping you through it.  Ultimately it’s hopeful but still sad. I named the demo “Duck Hunting” because it symbolized nostalgia to me and it just stuck. I used to play that game on my Nintendo, with the plastic gun and everything.”

Check out “Duck Hunting” below and watch out for “Baltus” which is set to release on March 16.

We asked Gundelach to take us through 24 hours in Oslo and I think I’ll book my flight today.

A guide to Oslo by Gundelach

It’s nice to get some energy that lasts a while so you don’t have to eat all the time. The food here is expensive as shit!
I eat a lot of ramen at «Sapporo Ramen». It’s really good. The ramen at «Koie» is nice as well, but I prefer Sapporo.

Then I hit up «Smak av Italia» which is in the same building. They sell Italian groceries. Nice pasta, tuna, anchovies and mozzarella you know.

After that I’ll have a coffee at Tim Wendelboe, Supreme Roast works or Oslo Velo, all of them are smooth and pretty close to each other.

Then I’ll walk up to Vinmonopolet, which is the only place to buy wine and liquor here. Buy a nice bottle of white burgundy.

I’ll walk home (it’s nice to walk in Oslo, everything is close), cook some nice pasta, hang out with my girlfriend and our cats, take a nap.

Then I’ll drink the wine.Then I’ll go clubbing at «The Villa».

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May 10th – Röda Rummet – Stockholm, Sweden

May 11th – Pustervik – Gothenburg, Sweden

May 12th – The Pickle Factory – London, UK

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May 21st – Häkken – Hamburg, Germany

May 22nd – Yuca – Cologne, Germany

May 23rd – Milla – Munich, Germany

May 24th – Berghain/Kantine – Berlin, Germany

photo by: Ewan Munro