A Guide to Copenhagen by the Worldly Wonder that is Soleima

Soleima is a synth-queen. The Danish singer knows how to push the futuristic instrument to the extremes, showing its fullest potential.

Soleima songs use plenty of this electric infusion and a heavy dash of Afro-centric beats. The result? A unclassifiable genre of music that is unlike anything that even the most progressive artists are creating. If I had to give it a genre, I would say it is a fresh take on electro-R&B. Soleima was raised in Aarhus, spent time during her adolescence in Tanzania, moved to Sukumland for a spell during early adulthood, and studied in Nepal during a period of time in college. This unique upbringing has led Soleima to try to combine elements of sound from around the world. She first did so playing the keyboards for Flødeklinikken, a Danish-language hip-hop septet inspired by A Tribe Called Quest and the Wu-Tang Clan. Since 2015, she has set out on her own, creating groundbreaking, otherworldly and earth-shattering work. The vocalist has shared her favorite five spots in Copenhagen with us-check it out below!



Louisiana is a museum of modern art. It always has amazing guest exhibitions. It is located an hour outside of Copenhagen and the ride up along the coast side up there is gorgeous. It is def a most go when in Copenhagen.




Is a fairly new restaurant in Vesterbro. It is small and very cozy. You feel so welcome even as a part of the family when you’re in there. They serve super good organic Nordic inspired food. And they have the best selection of natural wines.



Harboe bar

Harboe bar is my daily go-to coffee place. It is very close to where I live in Nørrebro.  Which is the best area in Copenhagen, haha. Lobbying a bit for my hood 🙂 It is very down to earth. The people there are great.



Assistens Cemetary 

This is a cemetary where lots of famous people are buried. For example H.C Andersen. But also many people use the as a park, for sunbathing, runs and to take long walks. It is the most beautiful place. It might sound a bit strange to use a cemetery for chill time, but I really love that we use the city spaces like this. For more than one thing. Also when I die I would love for people to hang around, not be at a totally deserted place.


Gallery Kvit

A super nice Gallery at Nørrebro. They have some awesome exhibitions.



Snacks and Blues

A new restaurant in Nørrebro. The name of the place says it all actually. They play super nice blues music and serve all kinds of nice snaks. Their hallumi burger is to die for.


photo by: Dennis Morton