Greg Laswell Pulls Us into Emotional Journey on “Super Moon”
song premiere

Prolific singer-songwriter Greg Laswell continues his sonic journey with new album Next Time.

The latest single off the record, “Super Moon” achieves a kind of nuanced duality — both expansive and close, intimate and vast, it’s the kind of song the builds upon itself rather than opting for a more standard song structure. Working around a very simple repeating chord progression, the production eventually begins to fill in the spaces, and Laswell’s voice carries us through like a lifeline. There is a distinct kind of hurt behind it all (heartbreak to be exact), but the leftover feelings aren’t necessarily low. There’s a tinge of hope woven throughout, and the effects are deeply stirring. He says,

“’Super Moon’ is about unexplainable absurdity that accompanies heartbreak, and about how isolating it can be. It often feels like an endless loop that you can’t see the end of. The song also speaks to the kind of ‘you-had-to-be-there’ element of pain from a significant loss.

The end of ‘Super Moon’ right after the break is an important moment for me and the record. I wanted a record that sonically made me feel small listening to it. And there are moments that I just wanted to stay in musically, so I did.”

Next Time is Laswell’s eighth record and is out September 21 with an accompanying tour scheduled for early 2019. Listen to “Super Moon” below: