Green Gerry’s “Cowboy Song” Promises to Surprise
song premiere

“Cowboy Song” is not what you would expect it to be. It is not a folk or country song; it is a shimmering psychedelic pop song that is as elusive as the classic cowboys who always played things close to the worn leather vest.

Green Gerry also plays things pretty close to his (probably colorful and sparkly) vest. Like a well-trained poker player, Gerry does not reveal which cards he is holding. Is it a regal queen in the form of a bubbly pop song? Is it a bold Jack in the form of an understated love song? You never know what to expect but one thing’s for certain: Gerry knows how to nail a pop melody. “Cowboy Song,” is deliberate; it takes its time to tell a seductive story. With understated production and DIY touches, the song is sure to make you feel, “haunted eternally.”

The video is as mysterious, with bright fluorescent lights fading out and in,  mirroring the flashes of energy that burst through during the chorus. They play with our perception of Gerry and add to the intrigue.

The song is a follow up to his recent hit, “Snap My Neck Love.” The LA-based singer songwriter is certainly on a roll in 2018 and will release his fourth album titled, Today How To Hail Beauty, later this year. Gerry reveals:

This record is somewhat of a musical journal I kept as I fell out of a damaged relationship the night of the 2016 election, then accidentally finding and irresponsibly falling in complete and total chaotic love with someone else very shortly after, completely untied from each others pasts. I recorded each song consecutively as I learned and explored more about this random lovely person new to my life, capturing the sorrow of losing love and the anxiety, panic, butterfly filled high that is falling in love with someone new.

The album is out April 20th. Watch the video for “Cowboy Song” below:

photo by: Nicolae Bernal; Marketa/Flickr