Grant Pavol explores adolescence and change in single “Words to Say”

In “Words to Say,” Philadelphia-based singer Grant Pavol talks about the awkwardness of the changes that come with transitioning from high school to college—a feeling that many listeners know and recognize.

In this particular song, Pavol recounts an encounter at a party.

“It’s about running into a friend at a party after an unresolved spat. That weird tension that arises after you’ve argued with someone you care about, and haven’t yet resolved the issue,” Pavol said.

The track features smooth electric guitar, synth drums and hazy harmonies setting up a scene that reminds the listener of a classic party location, the chilled-out college apartment. Pavol samples an interview clip of Elliott Smith in the bridge, a nod to the influence Smith has had on his musical sound and trajectory.

“Words to Say” is one of 10 tracks on Pavol’s album About a Year, out Sept. 4, 2020 via Accidental Popstar Records.

Check out the album below:




Photo by: Kate Killet