Governors Ball Pick: The Orwells via Chicago

The awesome festival-slash-party that is Governors Ball returns this weekend to NYC. To prep you for the music to come, we’ve chosen under-the-radar acts worthy of your eardrums. Check back each day for a brand new act. 

The Orwells may think they’re Terrible Human Beings (judging by their latest album title), but we think they’re pretty rad. The Chicago quintet has been rocking out since high school. This latest release keeps the good times rolling. Tracks like “Buddy” and “Vacation” are the perfect way to start off Gov Ball on Sunday as you swig a brew. Want more of a reason to love them? Get lead singer Mario Cuomo’s tried and true hometown picks right here. 

What’s your favorite record store? Shuga, nice staff that’s never sarcastic!

Last thing you bought there? The original promo poster for the Slim Shady LP.

Favorite brunch spot? CornerStone Cafe. Both locations are bomb.

Best neighborhood? Wicker, living amongst the yuppies is worth the extra change. Im talkin’ babes that shave!

Favorite spot to visit with out-of-towners? Emporium Wicker Park.

Best vintage? With a little luck and time the Village Discount can really come through for ya.

Describe your perfect Sunday. By some miracle my head wouldn’t be pounding and I would order Chinese. Followed by comics and mob movies. I wouldn’t leave the crib.

Favorite place to end the night. Bed with company.

Favorite bartender? What’s your drink? Connie Villarreal of “The Club” in Elmhurst IL (my hometown)

If I ate like shit that day, vodka sodas. If I ate reasonably healthy MGD or Coors Light and Beam.

Fast food guilty pleasure. Baconator, no guilt here though.

Why is your city better than anyone else’s? 4 am bars, we eat meat, and have the best accents by far.

The Orwells play Sunday at 1:30pm.

photo by: Kelly Puleo; Governors Ball / Forest Woodward