Governors Ball Pick: Mondo Cozmo via Philadelphia
governors ball

The awesome festival-slash-party that is Governors Ball returns next weekend (June 2-4) to NYC. To prep you for the music to come, we’ve chosen under-the-radar acts worthy of your eardrums. Check back each day for a brand new act. 

Mondo Cozmo is the moniker of Los Angeles via Philly musician Joshua Ostrander. He summed up his sound in six words for us: Good music played very very loud.

The uplifting track “Shine” has been making its rounds, including a performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. We’re also fans of the dancier “Higher.” We asked Mondo Cozmo about his hometown roots of Philadelphia, and like a true Pennsylvanian, The Eagles and Wawa came up. Read on for more Philly fun and check him out at Gov Ball where he promises fans “a sweaty mess.”

Favorite brunch spot? Wawa

Best neighborhood? I love going up to Bucks County

Favorite spot to visit with out-of-towners? Independence Hall

Describe your perfect Sunday, what would you do and where would you go? Tailgate an Eagles game

Favorite place to end the night? Wawa

Favorite bar? Steam Pub. What’s your drink? Two Yuenglings.

Why is your city better than anyone else’s? Loyalty

Mondo Cozmo plays Sunday at 12:45 pm.

photo by: Courtesy of the artist; Governors Ball / Forest Woodward