Governors Ball Pick: Michael Blume via New York City
governors ball

The awesome festival-slash-party that is Governors Ball returns this weekend to NYC. To prep you for the music to come, we’ve chosen under-the-radar acts you need to see. Swig your bloody Mary and rise and shine for these up-and-comers.

Singer Michael Blume is a seasoned New Yorker playing his hometown this weekend. His sound is an earworthy blend of soul, jazz, R&B, electro and hip-hop. 

The man is serious about his craft. He forgoes drinking on the regular because it “dries up the vocal chords.” And as for pre-show rituals, he says, “I’ve gotten really into vocal health, so I do a lot of warming up to make sure I feel good before the show starts. Definitely drink a lot of water and tea and like to do a little prayer moment with my band.” 

All that hard work is definitely paying off.

Groove to When I Get It Right then add his favorite NYC spots (below) while you’re in town for the festival.

What’s your favorite record store? Last thing you bought there?
I used to go to Virgin Records in Midtown as a kid — I bought all my Stevie and Aretha records there, which so hugely influenced my music. These days I don’t go as much to record stores!

Describe your perfect Sunday.
Sleep in until 2pm. Eat French toast and eggs. Hit the studio.

Fast food guilty pleasure.
Fried chicken

Favorite brunch spot.
Maison Harlem in Harlem

Best neighborhood.

Favorite spot to visit with out-of-towners?
Central Park

Best vintage?
There are a couple great spots in BK that I love — lately I have gotten a few great pieces from Oof Vintage in Williamsburg.

Are there local purveyors you recommend?
I love a few coffee spots in Harlem — Lenox Coffee is great.

Favorite place to end the night?
With friends seeing good music.

And why is your city better than anyone else’s?
I love NYC because everyone does exactly what they want to do and no one cares. On the subway you see people from such diverse places and backgrounds and everyone just interacts so peacefully and respectfully. Do you and I’ll do me. I feel like we are a model for how the world could/should be.

Michael Blume performs at Governors Ball on Friday at 12:45 pm. 

photo by: Shervin Lainez / Governors Ball courtesy of Forest Woodward