Governors Ball Pick: Lo Moon Via Los Angeles
governors ball

The awesome festival-slash-party that is Governors Ball returns this weekend to NYC. To prep you for the music to come, we’ve chosen under-the-radar acts worthy of your eardrums. Check back each day for a brand new act. 

Lo Moon is a new Los Angeles electronic band comprised of Matt Lowell, Crisanta Baker, and Samuel Stewart (whose father happens to be the Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart). The band’s painstaking process is a breath of fresh air. They’ve released a singular, seven minute, shimmery, slow burner “Loveless” and have managed to make us stop and listen. We’re so eager for more.    

We got to know singer Matt Lowell (a down to earth, cool dude) as he shared his Los Angeles. Check out the video for “Loveless”, then fall in love with LA. 

Describe your perfect Sunday.
Sundays are definitely my reset day. Perfect Sunday starts with a run and a quick trip to Proof and the Atwater Farmers Market (so LA, I know). I always use Sundays as my day to catch up on new music and listen to records. During the week it’s hard for me to pay attention to what’s out there, and Sundays are my day to listen to what people have told me about that week, or catch up with my favorite records. At night, it will end with a book or if there’s a hockey game on that will automatically be on my TV.

Why is your city better than anyone else’s?
I think the best part of LA is the light. The light in LA is magical and it’s something you can’t really explain until you see it in all it’s glory. Romanticism in all it’s glory.

Best neighborhood.
I love Atwater Village. I live there and we recorded parts of our record there, and it’s where I feel the most at home in LA.

Favorite record store.
I have a few! I love Amoeba because it’s such a destination and you can really get lost in there for a while. I really dig Jacknifes in Atwater Village. I go in there all the time and it’s my neighborhood spot. The last two records I bought were Tim Hecker’s Ravedeath, 1972 and a pretty mint copy of U2’s The Unforgettable Fire. Opposite ends of the spectrum I know.

Favorite brunch spot.
Has to be Sqirl. The obvious and easy choice.

Favorite spot to visit with out-of-towners.
I love driving down Sunset all the way to the PCH while blasting some good records. Also, most likely, Sqirl again, haha.

Best vintage.
I think my favorite vintage stores are Varsity, Bearded Beagle, Raggity Threads, and What Goes Around Comes Around. 

Best boutique.
I love dipping into Mohawk to see what they’ve got.

Favorite bar and drink.
I think my favorite bar is Cafe Stella – it reminds me of some of my favorite places in NYC. They have a drink called the Sophia that I love. Mezcal always.

Fast food guilty pleasure.
In N Out because it’s LA.

Lo Moon play Governors Ball on Saturday at 12:45 pm.

photo by: Cara Robbins; Governors Ball / Forest Woodward