Governors Ball Pick: Jack Martini via Rome, Italy
governors ball

The awesome festival-slash-party that is Governors Ball returns this weekend to NYC. To prep you for the music to come, we’ve chosen under-the-radar acts worthy of your eardrums. Check back each day for a brand new act. 

Jack Martini is an Italian multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter plucked out of Berklee’s Popular Music Institute to perform the festival. 

But don’t let all those descriptives fool you. Jack Martini’s sound is worldly, but with an accessible sense of humor. 

If you’re not hung over as hell (or even if you are), the band is worth the early Sunday time slot. You may find yourselves swaying in the wind singing along to “Beard Instead.” And in Jack’s own words: “We put on a dynamic show, with some more heartfelt moments here and there. Just like my songs, our show is eclectic and comical. We’re seven – sometimes eight – on stage so there’s a lot to see. Might get naked at Gov Ball. To be determined.” 

All joking aside, the artist is super excited to perform. On how he felt when he found out he was chosen to play:

“Fourteen-year-old me was filled with joy. That’s when I wrote the song we still open the set with. I think we all celebrated that night. We’ve had some sick live shows during the last few months, then there’s the new EP, a live session/mini documentary and a music video coming soon. It’s an exciting moment for the Jack Martini fam. Shout-out to them for being amazing musicians and homies.”

Stream and download “Beard Instead” and then check out Jack Martini’s enviable tips on roaming in Rome. 

Describe your perfect Sunday roaming in Rome.
Grab a coffee, walk into a church, maybe go to Fregene.

Favorite brunch spot? 
Il Supplí, in Trastevere. My homie Caponera showed me the spot, lots of love.

Best neighborhood. 
Tor Bella Monaca.

Favorite spot to visit with out-of-towners? 
I tend to be romantic and bring people up to the Gianicolo. Sometimes, near the Argentinian lighthouse up there you can hear people yell things to the inmates of the nearby prison.

Best vintage and best boutique? 
Magazzino allo Statuto. It’s not your average vintage. They fake they’re closing down every year. Also, Porta Portese is a classic.

What’s your favorite record store?
Don’t really go to record stores in Rome, but I bought a Lucio Battisti compilation at a gas station a few months ago.

Favorite bartender?
My girl Domitilla at Kilmoon Pub in Flaminio. I don’t know her real name though.

What’s your drink?
Amaro Montenegro after dinner, Weiss beer during the evening and vodka at night.

Fast food guilty pleasure?
I fuck with suppli [rice croquettes]. There’s actually a place in New York who makes some good ones … got to eat one before our show at Rockwood Music Hall in April.

Favorite place to end the night? 
Dolce Maniere on Via Barletta is open all night for good food, you can’t go wrong. Otherwise you can always check out the water from a bridge or something, if you’re trying to stay fit.

And why is your city better than anyone else’s? 
There is nothing more powerful than a republic where laws are observed not for fear but for passion, as it was done in Rome.

Jack Martini plays Governors Ball on Sunday at 11:45am. 

photo by: Flaminia Reposi; Governors Ball / Woodward Forest