Gallery: King Leg Shows us the Meaning of Tour Life
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You might wonder what connotations the name King Leg is supposed to conjure, but just think back to the infamous stage antics that shook a nation. The pole dance, the pelvis, the rubber legs, the windmill, the lip curl — ok that one isn’t really a dance move but it’s all part of Elvis Presley’s impressive arsenal of trademark moves that once prompted several reverends to deem him “morally insane” and a “pelvic contortionist.” One such inheritor of Presley’s misfit style is Nebraska born King Leg, who is nothing short of Roy Orbison incarnate. Reviving the genre in all its glory, King Leg bears the torch of rock’s earliest provocateurs, ushering in a new era of rock with a guitar on his back, one hell of a voice and a notorious pair of legs.

On his most recent tour, King Leg decided to capture some behind the scenes magic. Check out the highlights below and be on the lookout for part two, coming soon.


photo by: Emily Joyce; gallery courtesy of King Leg