Gallery: BTS Photos from Ben Hazlewood’s “Month & Miles” Video
behind the scenes

26-year-old Ben Hazlewood is on the rise and shows no signs of slowing down.

The Melbourne based artist combines pop production and anthemic rock to create a one of a kind vibe that is both intimate and stadium ready. But it’s his stirring vocal ability that landed him on The Voice Australia, and continues to pull in listeners from around the globe. His latest release “Month & Miles” leans on the softer side, but skips sentimentality and goes straight for passionate longing.  It’s a soulful love song that builds into a gospel-backed track, capturing Hazelwood’s promise to his husband from the road: “I’ll be home soon, because I love you.”

Check out the track below along with some behind the scenes photos from the video shoot.

photo by: Nikko LaMere