Friday Plans: The Overcoats Play LA’s Troubadour
show preview

New York City based folk-pop duo Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell, also known as the Overcoats have been on the road supporting their critically acclaimed 2017 breakout Youth and will be in LA tonight to prove it.

Hana and JJ go way back, think real life version of Abby and Ilana, JK I don’t know them that well but that’s the impression they make.  Having been friends since the salad days of college, the pair go together like mac and cheese at 2am in your twin bed on a Tuesday – very well.  Their vocals set them apart blending harmonies over simple electronics that allows their emotion and passion to shine through.  Their most recent effort is the video for “I Don’t Believe In Us,” that is available on the deluxe version of Young out now on Arts & Crafts, check it out belowWe caught up with ladies to chat touring, life on the road and some of their favorite things.  Scroll down!

Grab your tickets to tonight’s show with Caroline Smith supporting here here and get ready to be dazzled.

What was the first concert you saw:

Overcoats: The first concert we saw TOGETHER was our freshman year of college, when we drove to New Haven CT to see Citizen Cope. 

What would be your dream collaboration, alive or not:

Overcoats: Coldplay.

Favorite venue green room:
Overcoats: Thalia Hall in Chicago!

Favorite venue to see a show:
Balcony of Terminal 5!

5 tracks you are spinning on the this tour:

1. Shut Up Kiss Me by Angel Olsen
2. Perks of Being a Sunflower by Soft Glas
3. Fire In Your Eyes by Middle Kids
4. Quarrel by Moses Sumney
5. Ivy by Frank Ocean

What’s in your rider:
Overcoats: A strange list of goodies, including chocolate covered almonds, kombucha, sharpies & ONE RIPE MANGO.

5 must haves on the road:

1. Journals, drawing & painting supplies etc
2. CAT PAW (see our instagram stories to find out more – @thisisovercoats)
3. Clinical strength deodorant and mouthwash
4. Potions and elixirs that convince us we’re not as tired as we are
5. 3 times the amount of underwear you think you will need

City you’re most looking forward to playing on this US tour:

Overcoats: We’re very excited to play in Denver, we’ve never headlined there before, and we love the city!

What’s your guilty pleasure tour van album:

Overcoats: We have a guilty pleasure playlist that we blast at full volume while our crew members roll their eyes. It includes “Malibu” by Miley Cyrus and a lot of Meghan Trainor.

If you could go to one city purely based on the food there, where would you go:

Overcoats: This may sound strange, but it has to be Louisville, Kentucky. We had the best brunch of our lives there.

Weirdest place you’ve ever written a song:

Overcoats: In our email, we write a lot of lyrics by writing lines back and forth via email.

photo by: Anna Azarov​, Khánh Hmoong