Freddy & Francine Take the Bolder Path on “Ain’t No Way”
song premiere

Almost every creative person has faced a certain crossroads: reject your calling for an easier path or forge ahead with a big dream and a whole lot of risk.

Often times it’s easier to put down the guitar, the paint brush or the script — time and money are easier to manage and friends are always close. But what’s snuffed is an intrinsic flame, a passion and love for a life uncertain. Duo Freddy & Francine (AKA Lee Ferris and Bianca Caruso) know exactly what it is to make these choices, and they sing about the hardship on their latest single, “Ain’t No Way.” After living the rat race life in LA, the two decided to take the road less traveled, and are now full time musicians. Combining folk, pop and Americana (although they’ll say these genres don’t totally apply), the two imbue their music with a sense of wisdom that only comes from really doing what you love. And it’s paid off — they’ve played major festivals all around the country and have appeared alongside acts like Mavis Staples, Lucinda Williams, Brandi Carlile and more. Bianca says,

“‘Ain’t No Way’ is about the point of no return in an artist’s career. It was inspired by a friend of ours who almost entirely left his music career behind to take on the far more stable life of computer programming. We have struggled for years with the vast challenges inherent in making a life from our music. However, a few records ago we decided that we had built too much and grown too positively as people to go back and attempt a different path. This song is a mantra for us and an anthem for anyone who has embarked on a creative life.  It is a bold call to never give up on these dreams. We feel this message is especially poignant in today’s socio-political climate as the arts and artists are being more marginalized.  We see sharing creative expression as vital to the human experience.”

The song is off their upcoming EP Moonless Night, out September 7 with a release show on August 29 at the Troubadour. Listen to “Ain’t No Way” below:

photo by: Kaitlyn Raitz; Rico Quintas/Flickr