Foreign Air’s Gift Guide For Touring Musicians
gift guide

Synth pop crooners Foreign Air have experienced one milestone after the other.

Following the viral release of their 2016 debut EP For The Light, the band found themselves on the move for much of 2017, playing dates with Phantogram, Aurora, BØRNS, X Ambassadors, Kevin Garrett, and Lewis Del Mar. Needless to say, Foreign Air know a thing or two about life on the road. Below they share some of their road essentials, from a trusty pair of socks, to a durable toothbrush, and long underwear. Scroll down to find the perfect something for the touring musician or wandering nomad in your life.

In addition to being on the road, Foreign Air have been busy in the studio laying tracks for their forthcoming debut LP slated for 2018. The first taste of what they’ve been working on comes in the form of the glittering and electrifying “Chakra Daemon.” Inspired by the ubiquitous email bounce back bot “Mailer Daemon,” the song is a reflection on negative, harmful energy that impacts us on a daily basis in ways big and small. “Chakra Daemon” considers how this will look in the future and endeavoring to maintain good vibes. The result is an irresistible dance track that will fill your entire being with a jolt of your energy. The only thing to do is dance.

“As humans slowly begin self-evolving by integrating bio-technology, I imagine one day there will be a Chakra Daemon” says vocalistJesse Classen. “This will be like an artificial subconscious. An enhanced intuition. Beyond the obvious implication of keeping us out of danger, I think it will also play a role in navigating us through relationships both platonic and romantic.”

Listen to Foreign Air’s “Chakra Daemon” now and check out their Gift Guide below.


Our Legacy Nylon Parachute Jacket (490.00 EUR)

“I’m about being warm at all times and the parachute jacket is a must have for someone who is always on the go.  Also, Our Legacy is one of my favorite brands right now. Their clothes are made well and their fabrics feel important.”

Richer Poorer Bixby Socks ($14)

“I love my Richer Poorer socks. For those of us that wear a lot of black you need that subtle flare.  Dress them up or rock them with a pair of cropped pants, either way you are good to go.”

Rhude Tie-Dyed Fleece Sweatshirt ($495)

“Bishop Brigg’s got me hip to her manager Rhuigi’s L.A. based clothing line, Rhude. Really hip designs. Perfect for on or off stage.”

Vans VT Prison Issue Sneaker ($115)

“I’ve been wearing vans since middle school and they are still by far my favorite shoe of choice.”

Uniqlo Heattech Tights ($14.90)

“You gotta stay warm on tour…the Uniqlo Heattech’s are essential for cold weather.”

Piñon Incense ($7.88)

“I burn piñon incense in my apartment so having it on the road makes me feel a little less home sick. Plus dressing rooms smell the worst. I honestly don’t understand it.”

Preserve Lightweight Toothbrush ($3.00)

“A really clean and simple lightweight design. You will feel cool brushing your teeth. The best part is that it is made from recyclable yogurt cups so why not minimize your impact on the environment?”

NEMO Air Sleeping Pad ($139.95 – $179.95)

“When you’re on tour you never know where you’ll end up sleeping. Whether it’s in a hotel room or out under the stars, the Nemo sleeping pad always comes in handy and the best part is it can be rolled up and stuffed in a backpack.”

Korg NanoKEY2 ($49.99)

“Korg makes a lot of great things, however the NanoKEY has become my go-to midi controller at home or on the road. It’s small enough to fit in a backpack, therefore I always have it on me.”

Native Instruments Maschine ($599)

“The machine is one of the most versatile instruments we have in our bedroom/studio. It’s really great for getting an idea out quickly. We also use it onstage to trigger samples live.”

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Headphones ($199.99)

“Friends are always asking me which headphones they should buy. I really like the Beyerdynamic DT 770 because they give you a really nice true sound.  A lot of the bass heavy headphones are fun to listen to but they tire out your ears. These will allow you to work on music for hours and still make accurate decisions.”