Folksy Blues Collective Lick Neon Release New Single “Slip”
song premiere

Mix acoustic folk with country blues and a little bit of Joshua Radin, and you get Lick Neon’s new single “Slip.”

Formed in Boston in 2017, the collective, led by lead singer Nick Leon, spent their first year “having a good time doing what they love” by playing in the bars and basements of Boston. Their new single stays true to their sound, making its mark among today’s folk revival artists like Kevin Morby and Cass McCombs. With the soulful voice of frontman Nick, it takes us back to another era. No doubt there is a timeless quality to Lick Neon’s music —  it could have been recorded two or three decades ago, but forges ahead with the nuance and production of today. Nostalgic yet hopeful, the frontman himself says:

“This song is an attempt to capture involuntary expression that an artist craves after they have failed in their romantic endeavors. It is that feeling of sinking down a drain once everything is over, only hoping to slip on down to somewhere new.”

Listen to “Slip” below: