Foals Fierce at the Fox

Foals overtook Oakland’s Fox Theater with a ferocious performance in support of their new album, “Part 1 Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost.”

Lead singer and Tasmanian (or Greek) devil, Yannis Philippakis, moved like a possessed man as he surfed the crowd, pacing the stage and tearing through several cuts off the new album.

From ‘Two Steps, Twice’ and ‘Spanish Sahara’ to ‘Inhaler,’ it was hard to leave without hearing your favorite track from the Oxford band.

Philippakis’ frenetic performance was met with an equal response from the sold-out audience.

His intense gaze makes it seem as if he performs in an almost trance-like state. There is a dark vibe about him but he never comes off as evil, just threatening and dangerous as if he might actually bite you if you get too close. This malevolence is tempered by his friendly banter and the fact that you can see he and the band are enjoying the show as much as anyone on the floor.

They’ve been absent from the stage and the States for almost four years, and the release of pent up energy serves the new songs well. Standout tracks, ‘Exits’ and ‘On the Luna’ are met with cheers and sing-alongs from the crowd, proving the time away was well spent.

Hopefully, it won’t be long before the band is back to share songs from “Part 2 Everything Not Saved,” which is due in the fall.

The band is on tour through May with more dates expected throughout the year.

Video for ‘Exits’:

photo by: David Iskra