Five Palm Springs Digs for Your Coachella Adventure

So you’re going down to Coachella this weekend, but you’ve put off making hotel reservations until the last minute.

Can’t blame you for that, you’re a music lover; you’re here for the good times and great tunes and everything else will fall into place, right?  Well, eventually the truth hits and you have to accept the reality of planning the logistics for your desert getaway.   But don’t worry, we here at COLLiDE feel for you, and we’ve got you covered. Maybe you’re in need of a cheap place to keep the punk rock party going after hours.  Perhaps you plan to make the pilgrimage and just want some cozy lodging to come down off that Beychella high.  Or maybe you’re just scooting on down to the desert to revel in the psychedelia and you want some up-scale environs to keep the chill vibes flowing.  Whatever your situation, we’ve got the digs you’re looking for, recommended by the artists who know what’s up. Check out our full Palm Springs travel guide here.

photo courtesy of Digimint

La Quinta Resort & ClubRecommended by Phases
The La Quinta Resort & Club is perhaps the most well-known resort in the area, and has been used as a luxurious desert getaway by Hollywood’s biggest and brightest since its construction nearly a century ago.  As such, you’ll be getting a traditional resort experience from La Quinta, all wrapped up in a beautiful Spanish hacienda aesthetic.  Here you’ll get all the standard amenities you’d expect from a luxury resort: fine dining, comfortable accommodations, various spa and athletic facilities, etc.  What makes La Quinta unique is the village-like design of the lodging areas: the haciendas are built in horse-shoe formations with pools and hot tubs as the centerpieces.  And with 41 pools on the grounds, you should have no problem finding a bit of seclusion for a post-fest dip.

photo Amanda Tipton/Flickr

Ace HotelRecommended by Alf Alpha and Phases
Ace Hotel is one of the more unique establishments on this list, in its history, its aesthetic, and its overall approach to hospitality services.  Built out of the shell of a long-forgotten roadside motel, The Ace Hotel provides modern, forward-thinking accommodations in the quintessentially south-western setting you won’t find outside the Palm Desert.  Everything about Ace Hotel is catered towards a younger crowd, from its socially-inclined communal spaces and dance parties, to the on-site dog park and funky local art.  Beyond the expected amenities like the two sparkling swimming pools and the world-class Feel Good Spa, Ace Hotel even has a photo booth and turntables with curated record collections in select rooms.  In other words, it’s a paradise for millennials and their dogs.  This is the hotel to stay at if you don’t want the party to end when the bands go off stage, because all the hippest figures at Coachella will surely be staying at the Ace.

photo courtesy of Embarc Palm Desert

Embarc Palm DesertRecommended by Magic Wands
Embarc Palm Desert looks like any other high-end resort in Palm Springs at first glance, and you’d be forgiven for assuming you’d get the same experience here as at a place like La Quinta.  However, Embarc offers self-contained vacation rentals in a resort environment rather than traditional hotel lodging. When you stay at Embarc, you don’t rent a room, but rather a fully loaded vacation home, complete with kitchen, patio, and easy access to swimming pools.  But this also means you’re essentially left to your own devices:  there is no room service, no daily maid service, and no on-site restaurant, so make sure you know what you’re getting into before you book here.  That being said, Embarc can provide you with the perfect base of operations for your adventure in the desert.  If you want upscale digs in beautiful environs, but don’t mind cooking your own meals, this is the spot for you.

photo Gord McKenna/Flickr

Hotel LautnerRecommended by Jessica Koslow
So what if a traditional resort experience isn’t what you’re looking for?  Perhaps the hip scene of the Ace and the excess of the Morongo aren’t quite your speed.  Well if you’ve got expensive taste, then Hotel Lautner is where you want to be.  Hotel Lautner is by far the most exclusive lodging on this list, with only four luxury living units and one separate bungalow available for rent.  Each one of these decadent spaces is uniquely designed and furnished with the hopes of capturing the aesthetic and vibe of the post-war era that made Palm Springs the popular destination it is today.  You won’t see a lot of other faces around this small hotel, but after a weekend surrounded by wild festival bros, maybe that’s exactly what you want.

photo Eiji Saito/Flickr

Morongo Casino ResortRecommended by Magic Wands and Phases
Ok so I know I said the Ace was the place to go if you want to party, but if you really want to get down and not just be seen at the weekend’s big hotspots, then go to the Morongo Casino Resort.  It’s a casino (duh!) so you can keep your bender going all night at the card tables and grab a morning drink at the bar (which opens at 6 A.M.!) and then head back to the fest, having never even seen your bedroom.  If that kind of endless debauchery appeals to you, then there’s no substitute for the excess offered at the Morongo.

photo by: main: zombieite/flickr; background: l@mie/flickr