Fiona Apple and St Vincent Are Friendship Goals at Trans-Pecos Festival
show recap

A last-minute replacement at Trans-Pecos Festival, Fiona Apple took the place of Jenny Lewis who had to cancel earlier in the month due to a family illness.

This was Fiona Apple’s second performance of 2017 (following California’s Ohana Festival) and she delivered a beautiful, powerful, and emotionally charged set with support from her band David Garza on guitar, Amy Wood on drums, and Sebastian Steinberg on bass.

Apple played a mix of originals and covers including “Fast As You Can,” “Every Single Night,” and “On The Bound.”

Halfway through the set, Fiona Apple paused to invite a very special guest onto the stage – St. Vincent’s Annie Clark. The two looked inseparable on stage, smiling and laughing in between songs as they played “Pale September,” “The First Taste,” and a fiery cover of Cyndi Lauper’s “Money Changes Everything.” It was a delight to see these two insanely talented women play together with unbridled joy and admiration for each other.  Afterwards St. Vincent posted on her Instagram,”Fiona. I have no words. You saved my life. Thank you. I will love you forever.” Watch them doing their thing below.

As Annie Clark departed from the stage, Fiona Apple then paired up with David Garza and performed the loveliest cover of Frank Sinatra’s “I’ll Be Around” with whistling accompaniment by Sebastian Steinberg. It was the sweetest end to the most magical hour of music. When you need to smile, watch this clip. I know I will be, again and again.

Fiona Apple looked like she was having the time of her life on stage as she smiled upon her fans, her band, and St. Vincent throughout the night. It was truly the spirit of the festival – ‘music and love’ – encapsulated.

photo by: Gillian Driscoll