Film Friday: A Letter from the Director of ‘Blaze,’ Ethan Hawke

Based on a true Texas story, Blaze is inspired by the life of an artist who remains unknown

Blaze, a biographical music drama based on country singer and songwriter Blaze Foley (played by Ben Dickey), is both directed and co-written by actor Ethan Hawke. Adapted from the novel Living in the Woods in a Tree: Remembering Blaze by Sybil Rosen, Blaze is inspired by the life of unsung singer Blaze Foley, a legend of the Texas outlaw music movement, his love affair with Rosen, and the impact his songs and his death had on his fans and those who shared his journey.

In an exclusive letter written for Landmark Theatres, Hawke says,

“Blaze’s life would allow me the opportunity to attempt to tell a more truthful story about music and creativity. One without all the obvious tropes; here’s the scene he gets discovered! Here’s the scene he makes it big! Here’s the scene where his ego gets too big! We wouldn’t need any of those scenes because he was never discovered, never made it big, and his own bitterness was his enemy rather than the ‘trials of fame.’”

The film is now playing nationwide. Read the full director’s letter here.

photo by: Courtesy of IFC Films