Fever Joy erupts with daring new release “Done Dreaming”
Fever Joy

Alt-pop duo, Fever Joy, exudes infectious energy and spirited grit, which shines bright in their latest edgy, bold and upbeat single, “Done Dreaming.”

The song highlights vibrant animated soundscapes and dark basslines juxtaposed by cheerful whistling, adding an extra pop of color to the track. The single, produced by Adam Castilla of The Colourist and mastered by Brian Lucey (Cage the Elephant, Arctic Monkeys), narrates breaking through fear and finally going after what you want.

Singer/songwriter Avery Robitaille takes inspiration from her unusual upbringing. Growing up in the jungles of Indonesia, she found herself isolated from pop culture. With dreams of touring the world, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her musical career. Soon her path aligned with fellow musician Sean Baker and they joined forces, bringing their visions to life.

With the aim to encourage others to fight for what they believe in, Baker confides, “Music is one of the only things that allow us to see into other people’s experiences from a distance and connect with them. With that insight, and connection we can learn to be more understanding and helpful with each other’s circumstances.” This concept is represented with their authentic releases, creating personal music that listeners can connect to.

Take a listen to their high intensity single out now.