FEATURE: Maybe I Can Sleep It Off, an EP by Riley Pearce

Riley Pearce’s new EP, Maybe I Can Sleep it Off, is a soothing indie-rock breath of fresh air.

Pearce’s music is a portal into his mind — often focusing on the challenges he’s faced in uncertain times, and how he’s grappled with change. Pearce’s love-hate relationship with nostalgia breeds raw songwriting, relatable to listeners from Australia to the United States. Having dealt with the hardships of living in many different cities, and having a family outstretched across the globe, Pearce understands the need for human connection that we all face, and his music is an artistic expression of that. 


In 2019, Pearce toured in Australia, Europe, and the United Kingdom before leaving Perth and returning to his roots in Melbourne — a city he left at such a young age that he carried no memory of his life there. Moving back to Melbourne brought him a new sense of clarity, realigning his focus and reviving his love for making music. Inspired by this descent into his past, and his new focus on the present, Pearce’s new music carries a fresh level of profound meaning and dimensionality. Amassing over 50 million streams to date, Riley Pearce is a force to be reckoned with, with a specialty of tearing at your heart strings. 


A chance-find pedal at a second-hand shop in London and a special Japanese Fender Jaguar owned by his producer, Andy Lawson, paved the way for Maybe I Can Sleep It Off. This is an EP you don’t want to miss.