Ezza Rose Dive into a Dreamy Vintage Vibe on “Baby, Come Down”
song premiere

The ‘60s was a magical age, not just because the decade spawned some of the best music there ever was, but because people started giving a damn, imbuing their sound with sense of purpose. Often packaged in soft folk and psych pop to lure the masses, a deeper message usually appeared, if not an outright plea for things to change. This is what Ezza Rose accomplishes so beautifully on their latest track, “Baby, Come Down.” While the band’s previous single is a biting post-punk demand, “Baby, Come Down” is a vintage dream pop ballad, straight from that aforementioned decade we love so much. More the observation than a battlecry, the tune is a stripped and wistful take on society’s obsession with distraction. The vintage style is an impressive display of range, as shown in the band’s ability to take listeners from reckless grit to a subtle stillness. Ezza says,

For most, to brave the world without medication or substance after a lifetime of use is devastating and sometimes impossible. The things that excited you aren’t as exciting, don’t last as long, and feel completely different. It’s only after a long period of time you can adjust and love people and things for what they truly are in the light of sobriety. How many times have you looked up from your phone in the last week and realized you forgot where you were, what you were doing, what your friends might be doing, or what else you could accomplish that day? And yet you just take a brief moment to acknowledge these thoughts, say ‘fuck it,’ and sink deep back into the quiet, comfortable simulation.

Listen to “Baby, Come Down” below and be on the look out for the band’s fourth album No Means No.

photo by: Adam Demorest; Khánh Hmoong/Flickr