Exploring ‘Infinite Space’ with Young Mister

Hailing from Waynesville, NC, Young Mister creates glistening soundscapes that feel as serene as an escape to the countryside. Young Mister, aka Steven Fiore, transports listeners to a meditative state with his illustrative storytelling, and bewitching vocals.

Young Mister’s latest single “Infinite Space” is particularly enchanting. Fantasizing of what lies beyond our atmosphere, the placid track sparks the imagination with thoughts of staring up at the clouds, or floating out into space. “I’m a stranger on this planet” sings Fiore as he searches for understanding. “What if I never reach you? / I know your somewhere out there in the infinite space.” The last line beautifully echoed by Christie Dupree (Eisley, Merriment).

Infinite Space,” was inspired by a podcast on extraterrestrial life. “One contributor stated that he believed life existed elsewhere but was heartbroken by the fact that we may never get to see their faces,” says Fiore. “This struck a chord in me, as the true nerd in me is also saddened at the thought of never meeting aliens. I’ve often felt like a loner growing up, as if no one truly understood me, so I tied the sentiment from the podcast into the idea that maybe the only beings that I could ever truly identify with are living somewhere in a galaxy far, far away—too far to ever reach.”

“Infinite Space” is the lead track off Young Mister’s five-song  EP Soft Rock, out later this October. Earlier this year Young Mister joined forces with BMG to create a special collection of “low-key jams.” Press play and let Young Mister take you on a journey.

Fiore has toured with Jay Clifford (Jump Little Children), Slow Runner, and has performed as a guest vocalist in Jeff Goldblum’s jazz band in Los Angeles. This November, Fiore embarks on his first European & UK tour in support of Soft Rock, including dates supporting British guitarist Albert Lee in Germany and The Netherlands. A follow-up LP is currently being wrapped up at Forty-One Fifteen in Nashville, TN with plans for a 2018 release.

Listen to Young Mister’s “Infinite Space” now and see him at Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles tonight, 10/25.