Exclusive Premiere: ​Air Traffic Controller’s new EP ‘Echo Papa’
​air traffic controller

Air Traffic Controller add some heat to this torrid summer with the release of their new EP, Echo Papa, available this Friday, June 23rd.

The seven-song EP is a call to action, coaxing listeners to intentionally participate in their lives and the world around them. There’s a sense of urgency on songs like “Go Time,” and lead single “After Party” to take advantage of the now and avoid a life filled with regrets.

Air Traffic Controller wrote “After Party” in response to processing the results of the 2016 presidential election and the nation’sout of control political climate.” Lead singer Dave Munro explains, “Is this even politics anymore, or are we in some sort of post-party reality-TV free for all?”

“After Party” is intended as a peaceful protest that unities people, rather than furthering the divide. “We are proud to live in a country that encourages opinions, debate, free speech, even protest,” says Munro. “All of us want our nation to be the best it can be and it is not un-American to have something to say about the state we’re in.“

At the same time, moments of optimism and hope float throughout
Echo Papa. On the rousing “It’s You,” lead vocalist Dave Munro sings, “a fish out of water is the luckiest one, ‘cus none of the others get to feel the warm sun.” Then there’s the anthemic “Live In” about embracing the moment: “Each day could be a go to the beach day, eat the juiciest peach day, whatever makes you smile. Some days can be go-go-go days, but don’t you think it’s okay when it’s worth your while.”

Echo Papa, Air Traffic Controller remind listeners that while we can’t undo the past we can decide what happens today and tomorrow. How will you make the most of your time?

Listen to the exclusive stream of
Echo Papa now before its release on June 23rd and purchase it here.

Remaining tour dates:
6/23 – Infinity Hall, Norfolk, CT
6/24 – Kiva House Concert – Acoustic, Billerica, MA
6/25 – The Sinclair, Boston, MA 

photo by: courtesy of the artist