Exclusive EP Stream: Raph Parpex shows that less is more with Pink Inside
dance pop

Sometimes when you hear a new song, a trained ear can recognize the hallmarks of a lifelong musician.

A cohesive vision, the maturity of songwriting, the understanding that oftentimes less is in fact more; subtle qualities like this reveal the signs of a true musical artist below the electropop sheen. Careful listeners will find these virtues in Raph Parpex, a man who’s lifelong love of music and experience behind the scenes of the music industry have informed his new foray into the spotlight.
Raph Parpex’s early love of music—he began playing piano at a very young age—led him to pursue an education in music production and sound engineering. As a producer, Parpex worked on projects for brands like Mercedes Benz and Christian Dior and publications ranging from W Magazine to Vogue. These projects served as an inroad for Parpex to pursue his own music career. “Say you Never Will” is the lead single from his forthcoming debut album Pink Inside. The track display’s Parpex’s take on electropop, a stripped down and subtle sound that strives for smoky vibes rather than neon excess. A straightforward four-on-the-floor beat sets the tone and keeps the pace throughout the track, never deviating to anything more extravagant than the bare necessities. Funky baselines and lush synths provide nearly all of the sparse instrumentation, bolstered only by the occasional, yet highly effective guitar flourish. Parpex’s reverbed vocals carry the major melodies of the song, providing harmonized layers of sound that cascade over the subtle background.

Stream Pink Inside in its entirety below, and pick up the album when it drops on November 17th.