The Orchard’s Stay Home Fest @ Home
When: March 25, 2020

Stay inside and enjoy a whole day of live music from up & coming indie/R&B/hip hop artists! Music distributer, The Orchard, has crafted the Stay At Home Fest featuring Amilli, Gaidaa, Spencer Barnett, Your Grandparents, Blimes and Gab, Pronoun and Claud. Who will be your new obsession? Start discovering at 9:00AM PT / 12:00PM ET on The Orchard’s Instagram.

9AM PT / 12PM ET – Amilli
10AM PT / 1PM ET – Gaidaa
11AM PT / 2PM ET – Spencer Barnett
12PM PT / 3PM ET – Your Grandparents
1PM PT / 4PM ET – Blimes and Gab
2PM PT / 5PM ET – Pronoun
3PM PT / 6PM ET – Claud

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