Eric & Magill’s Travel Inspired Album: Peach Colored Oranges

Dream pop duo Eric & Magill’s fourth album is a composition rich in the complexity of compounding simple sounds. Their easy-going style provides a breezy flow dotted with swift dynamic changes and punches of folk, psychedelia and orchestral pop.

The pair’s newest project weaves together the unparalleled combination of experiences that accompany the art of travel. Ryan Weber, one half of Eric & Magill (along with bandmate Eric Osterman), reminisces upon the fleeting nature of life’s experiences with an understanding of just how fickle and uncertain the material world can be. His extensive travels have translated into a noteworthy album that provides not only creative inspiration, but greater insight into our existence, our adaptability, and the “tightrope” which we all are destined to walk.

Here are a few words from Ryan Weber of Eric & Magill on select songs off of their newest album Peach Colored Oranges, set to be released May 12.

Before starting this project I didn’t know how easy it would be for me to associate a place with the songs. On past records (writing from Armenia, or the Kenyan desert, or solely on the road) it was marked and obvious. As I’ve been slightly more stationary for the entirety of Peach Colored Oranges, place wasn’t innate in my mind until I sat with the tracks. Sure enough, however, for the majority I can describe the song in relation to a place, even if not completely relevant thematically (and I’m certainly not overtly singing about a place in any of them), or if I wasn’t physically there.

“Peach Colored Oranges”
I think most people can describe or have a special relationship with the art that adorned their childhood homes. I just got back from Paris and stared at Monet’s Poppy Field at Musée d’Orsay for an extra few minutes. A copy of it has been hanging in my mother’s home since before I was born. So in large part this is a song about the art in the homes we grew up in.

“In Our Bubbles”
I started this track before a trip to Medellin, Colombia and finished when I returned. So it kind of has two perspectives, pre and post trip. Thematically, this track explores how we can idealize places other than our own through consumption of images catered on social media, and how we generate modified and enhanced depictions of our own world for display. All the cropping and enhancing of the photos of the murals and graffiti in Comuna 13 (previously one of the most dangerous places on Earth, now still poor part of the city, but generally safe) heavily influenced this track.

“A Softer Sound”
This song is mainly about finding friends and happiness in a new place. I’ve moved to 4 different cities in the last 7 years and it’s uplifting to fall in with a great group of people. I was astonished to find myself surrounded by so many new friends so quickly after moving to DC. This track has so much to do with finding a place amongst friends.

“Flowers In Our Hair”
I found myself at a renaissance fair a couple years ago and it was lovely and magical, but also melancholy and at times. The experience worked its way into my mind and manifested itself in this track.

I’ve got quite a few friends currently serving overseas in various capacities (Military, Foreign Service, Peace Corps, Etc.) in some dicey and isolating places. This song was written for those who are far away from home, and those that were left at home. I tried to write both perspectives. It’s about being alone and thinking about someone somewhere else.

“I Can Dig It”
Life can get you down sometimes, and if you’re lucky someone digs you out of the hole you’re in. Sometimes it feels like you’ve been living in a hole, and then you emerge to find yourself in a swimming pool on a rooftop in the middle of Bangkok after a wild night.

“Grey House, Yellow Sun”
To put a place to this, it’s about the best day of summer, when I make an annual trip down a river on inner tubes in West Virginia with friends and coolers full of beer. It’s also about new beginnings and it’s about letting go of worries.

Listen to Eric & Magill’s track “Tightrope” from their new album Peach Colored Oranges below.

photo by: Caitlin Kalinoski; courtesy of the artist