EP Premiere: Garrett Hazen’s ‘Can’t’

With an energetic and grabbing, yet loose and waggish tone, Garrett Hazen’s debut EP Can’t conveys his experiences in a way that reflects struggle without being overcome by the weight of its demands. He is forthcoming, without being apologetic or self-indulgent. In the track “Regret,” he tells of a fear many bear in mind when he sings, “If I don’t ever commit, then I won’t have regrets.” Both his confessions and his frustrations are told in a way so whimsical that they are almost unrecognizable if the listener is too busy bobbing their head along with the music.

Having made appearances on the Roseanne show as a child with his twin brother playing baby Andy Harris, Hazen became introduced to performance and entertainment at a young age. He was first introduced to guitar at age 10, which resulted in the formation of several bands as well as performances alongside artists like Gordon Goodwin, Don Menza, and Tom Kubis.

Stream his brand new EP Can’t below: 

photo by: Spencer Riley; William Warby/CC Flickr