Elliot and the Ghost Break Away from the Crowd with New EP “Grahlahla”
EP Stream

Elliot and the Ghost blast forth a distinct, invigorating sound, making a name for themselves in the crowded NYC music scene.

Following the release of several highly-acclaimed singles over the past few years, Elliot and the Ghost return with their strongest effort to date. After supporting artists including Weezer and Gary Clark Jr, and performing at SXSW, the band brims with a confidence that shines through on their latest release.

The new EP, titled Grahlahla, is cohesive, dynamic, and built to stand the test of time. There’s no shortage of young rock bands in NYC, but Elliot and the Ghost manage to sound fresh and unique in a saturated field. Grahlahla energizes with enough pop to be instantly catchy, enough rock n’ roll to keep a raw edge, and enough variety to stay engaging through endless replays. Keeping their music intriguing is specific focus for the band. Frontman Will Thompson says,

“In the years I’ve been writing and recording music, it’s been to get to a certain place where I’m not only trying to write a good song or hook, but also test myself and the band with interesting sounds and structure. Lyrics are the main proponent. There are so many stages of finding your voice and what you want to write about and say. There’s being naive, and then there’s that stupid adolescent period where you cram as much bullshit and pretentiousness into a single bar. It sorta feels like we made it out of all that intact and are better for it, which is reflected on this EP.”

The group’s attention to detail pays off marvelously on Grahlahla, with Thompson’s lyricism a particular highlight. From the well-written verses to surfy guitar lines to immersive background rhythms, each track reveals new intricacies to appreciate with every listen. Grahlahla is the rare record for which the fiftieth time hearing it is as enjoyable as the first. This is one you’ll want to put on repeat.

Listen to the new EP Grahlahla below, and check out Elliot and the Ghost at their show in Brooklyn, NY on May 26th!

photo by: Jason Jenkins