Electronic Duo NUEX Soar Through the Ether on Debut EP ‘AFFECTUS’
ep premiere

Taking flight from the stages of the East Coast, NUEX arc through a stratosphere of emotional electronica.

Pronounced “new” and derived from the French nue, meaning “of the heavens,” the duo’s name provides a template for their musical direction. NUEX’s sound is massive and limitless, like the sky that stretches from their DC home to the far-flung listeners enjoying their work.

The pair’s music evokes the effortless precision of a hawk riding the thermals, calm and collected while ready to strike at any moment. Just as a cruising bird of prey observes the scenes that unfold beneath it, NUEX glide from topic to topic throughout their EP. Singer-songwriter Camille delivers measured, yet passionate vocals. Electronic music is not always celebrated for its lyricism, but Camille’s songwriting is intriguing and complex enough to warrant a close listen. On the track “I Make Bones,” her words are vaguely threatening, on “Billie,” introspective, and on “Lights Off,” energizing. Such an impressive range requires elite accompaniment; fortunately, the other half of NUEX is well-equipped to deliver the goods.

The musicianship of drummer-producer Teddy is evident from the very beginning of NUEX’s release, with tight, hi-def production that amplifies the work’s emotional impact. There are no sonic missteps, no errant beats, no wasted decibels. Teddy is a master at his craft, conjuring forth an enveloping sound that lofts listeners into a celestial journey. With the release of AFFECTUS, NUEX invites us to take that journey with them. As the duo says: AFFECTUS is our celebration of mood and the moon. So to say, imbuing our human existence, it’s highs and lows, with cosmic objectivity, magic, and the bigger universal picture that connects us all.”

Listen to AFFECTUS below, and keep an eye out for NUEX’s live shows!

photo by: Brandon Shields