Eat Your Way Through Coachella

Going to Coachella this weekend? Like food? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then keep reading because you’re not going to want to miss out on any of these fantastic eateries. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite between bands or you need a late night meal to close out your evening with, Palm Springs has exactly the kind of café, diner, or restaurant you need to sate your appetite.

Melvyn’s Restaurant and Lounge – Recommended by Magic Wands
Melvyn’s is one of Palm Springs’ longest running establishments and has become a veritable icon of the region. Opened during the golden age of Hollywood, Melvyn’s was a favorite for A-listers back when Palm Springs was still an exclusive getaway for the show business elite. Everything about the place, from its nostalgic décor and ambiance to its decadent menu and tableside cooking, is designed to harken back to that long gone era of glamorous starlets and dapper crooners. Melvyn’s was a favorite hangout of Frank Sinatra, and you can still get his signature dish, Steak Diane, cooked table-side, just like Old Blue Eyes liked it. Round out your evening of decadence with a traditional cocktail in the Casablanca piano bar, where you can hear talented players tickle those ivories like they did 50 years ago.

Cheeky’s – Recommended by Phases and Jessica Koslow
Attention brunch lovers! Cheeky’s has got your fix! To say this breakfast joint is much loved by the local desert dwellers is a gross understatement. Cheeky’s draws in the crowds with locally-sourced organic eggs and produce, homemade pastries and sausages, and a rotating menu of expertly crafted breakfast fare. But the thing that really keeps the regulars coming back for more is the bacon flight available from their bacon bar. Yes, you read that right, bacon flights from the bacon bar. You can enjoy the whole array of bacon varieties on offer at Cheeky’s without ever having to bother with any of that superfluous stuff like eggs or toast. Creative drinks and friendly staff complete the Cheeky’s experience and are sure to leave you eager to return. One word of warning however: get there early and expect a significant wait, because you won’t be the only one trying to get in there before the day’s festivities.

Pinocchio in the Desert – Recommended by Poms Poms
The fine people at Pinocchio in the Desert will be the first to tell you that their establishment is “The best place in the Desert for fun.” While I can’t promise you’ll have more fun chowing down here than seeing your favorite bands at Coachella, I can say you’d get a solid meal and a cooky experience at this kitschy roadside diner. A life-size statue of Marilyn Monroe (in her classic struggling-to-keep-her-skirt-down pose, no less) greets diners at the door and sets the tone for what you can expect once inside Pinocchio. Food-wise, you’re not going to come across too many surprises here: standard diner fare is a safe bet—burgers, sandwiches, and breakfast staples are sure to satisfy. The real exciting deals start when you glance over at the drink specials. You and your friends can enjoy bottomless champagne for less than five bucks a head! Or maybe you’ll be dining alone and you want a slightly more classy experience than a simple diner meal. If that’s the case, Pinocchio’s got exactly what you need with their Martini Burger special, which is exactly what it sounds like: a burger and a martini—a match made in diner heaven!

Las Casuelas Terraza – Recommended by Magic Wands
Let’s just assume that not everyone going to Coachella is driving east from Los Angeles. Maybe you come from some other dystopian wasteland where they don’t have amazing Mexican food on every other street corner. Maybe you can’t stroll down the block for unbeatable one-dollar street tacos, or grab a bowl of delicious pozole at your local cantina. If that’s the case, I grieve for your misfortune. But hey, if you’re going to Coachella, you can forget your suffering momentarily and enjoy some of the finest traditional Mexican cuisine Palm Springs has on offer. Las Casuelas Terraza is a family owned restaurant that has been serving top-quality Mexican food to Palm Springs since 1958. Four generations of the Delgado family have kept this institution running, still serving Abuelita Maria Fajardo’s recipes nearly 60 years later, and earning awards for best Mexican food in the region year after year.

Peabody’s Café and Bar – Recommended by Poms Poms
After a long weekend of partying in the desert, you’re probably going to need something nice and hearty to pull you from the depths of hangover hell and prepare you for your trip back to reality. Enter Peabody’s, Palm Springs’ unofficial hangover recovery clinic. Here you’ll get breakfast staples and American foods done right, often with a bit of a Southern Californian (read: Mexican) flare thrown in for good measure. Peabody’s also prides itself on being the home of the “Best Bloody Mary Ever,” which is perfect for those in need of a bit of the ol’ hair of the dog. Peabody’s also gets bonus points in our book for hosting karaoke on Friday and Saturday nights. We here at COLLiDE love us some karaoke, and there isn’t a better place in all the Palm Desert to see old drunk townies belt their hearts out. It’s pure people-watching gold.