Circa Waves + DREAMERS Talk LA Hangs and more

We are stoked to present the upcoming Circa Waves and DREAMERS show, on Tuesday June 13 at the Teragram Ballroom. To get everyone as excited as we are, we caught up with the Kieran from Circa Waves and Nick from DREAMERS to talk their favorite LA spots, touring essentials and if they have any pre-show rituals. Purchase tickets for the show here.

What are your favorite downtown LA hangs?
DREAMERS: Xoia is where I go for Pho and Coronas, Vietnamese-Mexican fusion on the Cheap. Teragram is where I see great shows. 
Circa Waves:
We’ve never had much time there in the past but I seem to recall ending up in the Rainbow bar at some point and also spending a couple of hours in Amoeba music getting lost in records

Do you record while touring, and if so what’s your favorite road gear ?
DREAMERS: We usually keep recording on the road to a minimum, but when duty calls the Apollo Twin is a must have interface, small portable and powerful.
Circa Waves: I wish i had a recording set up, that would be sweet. Instead i just have my phone which i record ideas on. All ready to demo when i get back to Liverpool.

What are three things you can’t tour without?
DREAMERS: Cool friends in your band and crew, my ’77 Fender Mustang, and twenty dollars in my pocket.
Circa Waves: My phone, google maps has saved me in the middle of random cities so many times. Tour manager, people in bands cant look after themselves, its a fact. Tour managers keep bands alive. My boots. good in all weathers. perfect to see you through a muddy festival or a slick venue.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?
DREAMERS: I think the only thing we do before every show is hug each other. We say ‘have a good show’. Pretty simple I guess but the effect is that we have to put aside everything else in our lives and live truly in the moment for those 45 minutes or an hour on stage.
Circa Waves: Lots of Gin and Queens of the Stone age on the speaker.

Have you ever collaborated or met up in LA beforehand?
DREAMERS: This will be our first time meeting and playing with Circa Waves. We love their brit-rock vibe and can’t wait to make some magic happen with them!
Circa Waves: Not at all. I look forward to meeting them!

photo by: courtesy of the artist; Peretz Partensky/Flickr