Dr. Martens Presents: Music and Film Series with Tolliver

Dr. Marten’s Presents has just released the latest installment of their Music & FIlm Series, this time highlighting the electric spirit that is R&B artist, Tolliver. In this latest episode, filmmaker Ali Roberto brings us a raw account of the LA-based singer’s backstory and takes us through the roots of his artistry.


Growing up the son of a pastor, Tolliver’s early musical days were spent playing piano for his church. Today, with his ability to hit unimaginable high notes and his passionate performance style, the gospel influence is apparent in his music. His blend of gospel vocals, modern beats and of course his one-of-a-kind look, have created the hypnotizing artist that he is today. Getting a deeper look into his life and the obstacles he’s had to overcome will give you an even greater appreciation for his unmatched joyous energy.


During the episode Tolliver opens up to the camera about growing up in a violent Chicago neighborhood while dealing with his mother’s mental illness and the death of his father at just eleven years old. Being mostly raised by his father up until his death because of his mother’s condition, Tolliver’s journey was one that required incredible independence at a very young age. 


 A self proclaimed “momma’s boy” the artist discusses the hardship of not being able to visit his mom living in a mental facility while facing the pandemic. Tolliver also opens up about his reaction to hearing about George Floyd’s death and the activism he’s recently taken through volunteering with youth in Boyle heights and writing journalistic pieces.


Tolliver is truly an amazing new force in music and we are so honored to have gotten the opportunity to share his story. Be sure to check out the latest episode and to tune in on Tuesday December 8th at 1 PM PST to catch him in action on Dr. Marten’s IG Live. You will not want to miss this one of a kind performer!