Dr. Martens Presents: Music and Film Series with The Regrettes

Most 12-year-olds spend their time in school or with friends – Lydia Night spent it on stage and with fans.


Touring since she was a preteen, Night’s no stranger to the spotlight, and with her bandmates Genessa Gariano, Brooke Dickson, and Drew Thomsen, she became even more acquainted. The sometimes-punk, sometimes-pop, always-pristine foursome The Regrettes have been a consistent presence in the West Coast scene for almost four years, earning covers on LA Times and LA Weekly along with features in Rolling Stone, USA Today, The Guardian, and more.


And it was only looking up from there. The Regrettes were slated to open for some big names, take the Coachella stage, and headline a tour of their own in 2020. Cut to 2021 and, thanks to the pandemic that upended everything, none of that has happened yet.


Instead of stadiums or sold-out shows, the group now finds themselves in a much smaller setting: Night’s living room. In the latest installment of Dr. Martens Presents: Music and Film Series, The Regrettes throw on their shiny jewelry and glittery makeup for an exclusive acoustic set.


Given the big year that was lined up for the group, anger would be an understandable emotion in watching it all slip away, but as Gariano put it, they had to learn to let it go. They didn’t focus on what they’d lost, they focused on what they gained – a renewed sense of appreciation for home and for each other.


“This makes our friendships more intentional,” Dickson said. “Whatever we choose to do with people during this time, it’s for a reason.”


Re-familiarizing themselves with stillness and stagnation, The Regrettes have changed their approach to both lyrics and living. It’s nice being home for a change, but Thomsen didn’t know how much stuff he had until he stopped living out of a suitcase, and none of them are quite used to the quiet. What’s resulted are songs that look inward, not outward, reflecting internal events more than tangible life experiences. When Night introduces the track “What Am I Gonna Do Today?” it feels like she’s genuinely asking. With every day seemingly a repeat of the one before it, no one really has the answer.


There’s comfort in the universality of all of these questions, though, the playing field leveled amid the uncertainty. Sure, no one knows when this ends, but we’re enduring together, and maybe the shared experience can teach us a thing or two about compassion. For The Regrettes, that’s the silver lining of all of it – the possibility for a more empathetic, more understanding society.


Back and better than ever, don’t miss The Regrettes live on Dr. Martens’ Instagram on March 6 at 1 pm PST!

photo by: Emma Cole