Dr. Martens Presents: Music and Film Series with Stuyedeyed

COVID-19 brought about a universal time of halts, stoppages, and confusion. However, for New York’s hardcore band, Stuyedeyed, perserverance proved the opposite. Stuyedeyed found drive amidst the year to focus on their music, their mission as artists, and the importance of creating something bigger than themselves. 


For most musicians, the COVID-19 pandemic was a worst case scenario, as it shut down nearly all aspects of the music business for an uncertain amount of time. For Stuyedeyed, the year gave fuel to their desire to push for change in their communities, and create awareness through the power of their music. “You won’t catch us talking about ordering take out and watching TV. We’re talking about poverty. Systemic poverty.”  says guitarist PRECINCTS. 


Remaining uniquely focused in a time of great uncertainty, Stuyedeyed rallied to the moment. Challenging themselves to create music that’s as honest and representative of their experiences as possible. 


Yes, Stuyedeyed was interrupted like the rest of us, but they will not be stopped. The group remains uniquely dedicated in their outlook on the COVID-19 pandemic, viewing the time as an opportunity to grow themselves as a collective and apply themselves and their resources to their community. Rather than sitting idly, Stuyedeyed chose, and will continue to choose, to be of action. 


Head to drmartenspresents.com to see their full episode.


 You can see Stuyedeyed live in action on Dr. Martens’ Instagram on Tuesday, March 16th at 1 pm PST / 4 pm EST. 


photo by: Alice Plati