Dr. Martens Presents: Music and Film Series with Orion Sun

Dr. Martens Presents: Orion Sun is a story of perseverance, discovery, and self-realization. 


During the hyper tumultuous year of 2020, Orion Sun found herself overwhelmed and confused by the happenings around her. Rather than succumb to her surroundings and letting the uncertainty stop her as an artist, Orion Sun found purpose amidst the turmoil, using it as a catalyst for some of her most honest realizations as an artist. “Even in my darkest moments, I can see outside of my current circumstance.” 


The timeline of COVID-19 was one that ran perpendicular to Orion Sun’s career, interrupting an early 2020 album release and cancelling a planned tour in the following months. The independent do-it-all redefined these disruptive events as moments of relief in a time of constant confusion – using her work as an artist as a railing that she leaned on to stay upright during such unprecedented times. 


Despite pushing through a time that has gotten the better of most of the world, Orion Sun remains uniquely positive in her outlook. Rather than citing moments of defeat or discouragements, Orion Sun focuses on opportunities to better herself both as an artist and as a person. If these years are to be remembered as ones of loss and defeat, Orion Sun will not let herself go down without a fight. 


The fruits of her perseverance will be put on display live on Dr. Martens’ Instagram on Tuesday, February 16th, at 1 pm PST. 

photo by: Alice Plati