Try these bar-ready recipes while we’re waiting to safely enjoy a night out again—straight from the recommendations of your favorite bands and artists!


Whether it’s whisky, wine, or whatever’s on tap, everyone has their signature drinks for the perfect night out. But if it’s been a minute since you’ve hit the bar, and you’re starting to miss the taste of your go-to order, fear not—your favorite bands and artists have crafted the perfect menu of drinks to get you back into the spirt of spirits right from your own home. Check out this list of DIY drinks, curated from these artists’ favorite selections from their hometown bars!


Paloma – Bar Amá, Los Angeles

This refreshing, tequila-based cocktail is the go-to for CRX at Bar Amá in Los Angeles. All it takes to make at home is a combination of tequila, grapefruit soda, and lime juice, but you can add club soda and agave nectar for an even smoother taste. Top it off with salt on the rim and put it on the rocks if you prefer your drinks a little cooler, then enjoy!

Recommended by CRX in Waterloo City Guides


Sex Panther – Kitty Cohen’s, Austin

A staple of Kitty Cohen’s in Austin, this signature drink is a favorite of Nané. In-house, they mix El Silencio Mezcal with passionfruit syrup, lemon, and a dash of Angostura bitters to get the perfect flavor. Try it for your next zoom happy hour!

Recommended by Nané in Waterloo City Guides


Michelada – Lonesome Rose, Chicago

For something with a little kick to it, check out the Michelada from Lonesome Rose in Chicago! A mix of Modelo, hot sauce, lime, and salt, this favorite of Pool Holograph is sure to pack a punch.

Recommended by Pool Holograph in Waterloo City Guides


Rest Stop – Crescent Ballroom, Phoenix

Frequented by Wyves, Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix has a number of signature cocktails to offer. If you’re looking to take a piece of the venue home with you, try making they’re staple Rest Stop drink. All it takes is a mix of Arcadia Grapefruit Vodka, St. Germaine liqueur, muddled strawberries, a hint of lemon juice, and club soda—easy to make and bursting with fruity flavor!

Recommended by Wyves in Waterloo City Guides


Mai Tai – Trader Vic’s, Atlanta

Home of the original Mai Tai, Trader Vic’s is a favorite Atlanta stop for Gringo Star. To replicate the classic, mix orgeat, rock candy, and orange curaçao, then top it off with a slice of lime. The recipe is sure to have you saying, “Mai Tai Roa Ae,” because this drink is “out of this world!”

Recommended by Gringo Star in Waterloo City Guides