Divine Astronaut open up about the voices in their head

The story of Divine Astronaut begins somewhere 35,000 feet over Europe, where singer Livvy Holland and producer Moonhead were discussing their disappointment in the lack of electronic acts since the ’90s. Deciding to help fill that void in the industry, the two began their collaboration and there was born Divine Astronaut.

Today, the duo has now unveiled their third release, with “Voices” posing as a relatable song about the constant noise in our busy lives. We all know how hard it can be to truly find both inner and outer peace, and the new single delves deeper into the struggles of these conflicting voices in our heads. Holland shares, “The source of these voices can be from any challenging situation, upbringing, or beliefs, resulting in a lot of noise in the brain! And regardless of how dark our own inner voices can be, this song is an affirmation that we can keep our hope and love for existence intact amid all the external and internal naysaying.” Through honest lyrics, the duo emphasizes the normality of having these voices, reminding us that it’s ok to admit our battles and seek support.

Known for their darker, almost sinister compositions, Divine Astronaut do not hold-back on the music video for “Voices.” Filmed at Dracula’s Bran Castle in Transylvania, there couldn’t be a better location for this haunting release. Evocative of the likes of Portishead, Nine Inch Nails and Enigma, the electronic duo are certainly reigniting the light of these well-loved ’90s acts while adding a distinct tone, all of their own.

Divine Astronaut has teamed up with pro-audio manufactures Warm Audio on the new release, giving listeners a chance to win some award-winning equipment. You have until July 16th to sign up for your chance to win!