dielines Releases Ethereal New Single “Buried You to Keep You Safe”
song premiere

dielines has buried something — but it’s not as spooky as you may think.

With Halloween swiftly passing us by, dielines did not miss the opportunity to drop an appropriately named single, “Buried You to Keep You Safe.”

The new track is a combination of finger-picked guitars, lulling harmonies, ethereal strings, and synths. An introspective tune, it draws the listener in and makes them consider their own thoughts, memory, and loss by asking the question: how much can we rely on our memories when they are so often turned around and around in our own heads?

The lyrics state, “Every time I close my eyes I create you anew/ each time further from the the truth.” Communicating these emotions with light and airy vocals is an apt nod to memories that so quickly alter and change. Ultimately, as the title suggests, it’s about burying the thoughts of a lover to keep them safe from their own mind.

Listen to dielines’ new song, “Buried You to Keep You Safe” below:

photo by: James Michael Juarez