For Vinyl and Live Music Junkies Alike: 5 Denver Music Staples

What Denver’s music scene lacks in size it makes up for in diversity: the venues range in capacity from DIY to stadium levels, the genres are varied and the coverage is thorough with a plethora of Denver based blogs and outlets. With festivals like the Underground Music Showcase among many more, the community has fostered a supportive network of musicians, many of which have achieved widespread success. With such a range of options, both musicians and concert goers can experience it all without the competition in other major music cities. So head to Larimer Lounge for an open mic, or make the short trek to Red Rocks for a one of a kind experience and enjoy the sounds of leisure.

Red Rocks
“Anything at Red Rocks: yoga, Film of the Rocks, hiking or attending a show, you can’t go wrong. It’s a spectacular place.” — Nadine Donovan

recommended by Nadine Donovan A Shoreline Dream, Kurt Fuhrman, Ben Foote, Jeffrey Petrello, Mary Allison Wright, Head for the Hills, Edison

photo: Natasha Alexander

Twist & Shout
“Twist and Shout, that’s where Elephant Revival released our second album and then shopped for hours after.” — Elephant Revival

recommended by A Shoreline Dream, Paper Bird, Esme Patterson, Tennis, Ben Foote, Mary Allison Wright, Edison

Bluebird Theater
“On the small venue side I’ve always loved the Bluebird Theatre.” — Jeffrey Petrello

recommended by Kurt Fuhrman, Jeffrey Petrello, Head for the Hills, Brent Cowles

The Hi Dive
“An intimate setting, cheap drinks and babely bartenders.” — Nadine Donovan

recommended by Esme Patterson, Nadine Donovan, Edison, Tennis, A Shoreline Dream

photo: Dom Gambone

Fun Fact: The Mishawaka was homesteaded in 1916, which makes it one of the oldest venues in Colorado.

recommended by Head for the Hills

Westword Music Showcase
“My favorite festival in Denver is Westword Music Showcase. There are about 3 billion shows including bands like the Black Angels” — Erik, A shoreline Dream

photo by: Visit Denver