Cowboy Diplomacy’s Undeniable ‘Alibi’

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the sound. Austin’s 
Cowboy Diplomacy is no exception, serving up gritty southern rock on their latest single, “No Alibi.” The four piece formed in 2016 and released their debut single, “Follow Me” earlier this year. Their bluesy, edgy music style has garnered them lots of buzz and accolades in a short amount of time, including being voted best band in Austin Monthly magazine earlier this month.

There’s no denying “No Alibi’s” driving melody, funky guitar licks and growling vocals from frontman Ian Cochran, as he sings of infatuation and love’s emotional highs and lows.

“So the question is will you cruise on by

so the question is will you take a drive

so the question is will you get so high”

When it comes to relationships we’re all prisoners of chemistry. Let the alchemy ignite with Cowboy Diplomacy’s “No Alibi.”

Listen now:

photo by: Breezy Ritter