courtney barnett

Songwriting maverick Courtney Barnett has announced her third studio album, Things Take Time, Take Time, which will be released on November 12 on Mom + Pop Music/Marathon Artists. The album, a two-year passion project written between Melbourne and Sydney with drummer and producer Stella Mozgawa, is a testament to Barnett’s ability to depict joy, discomfort, and self-discovery with irresistible rawness.
And while she’s already solidified her place in the canon of innovative female songwriters with albums like Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit and The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas, Things Take Time, Take Time ushers in a new era for the artist, with a level of intimacy that we can’t find anywhere else. This project grants listeners a better view into Barnett’s private world than ever before; the songs deal with themes of love, healing, and reflection and handle them in touching and candid ways.
The first song (and single) off the album, titled “Rae Street,” details the juxtaposition between the pace of small-town living and the greater picture of barreling modern society, a dichotomy captured by quick-witted and profound lines like “All our candles, hopes and prayers/though well-meaning they don’t mean a thing/unless we see some change/I might change my sheets today.” The accompanying music video illustrates the connections that are lost in the flurry of everyday routines, with bodies flitting past each other and “all eyes on the pavement.” “I’m not gonna touch ya/Don’t worry so much about it/I’m just waiting for the day to become night,” she sings.
And thankfully, we no longer have to listen to this album in isolation. Barnett’s North American tour will run from the end of November until the middle of February. It serves as a reminder of how fortunate we are to once again resume our lives but also an acknowledgment of what we missed for so long. That’s what Courtney Barnett’s music is about: reconciling the painful with the joyful, the ugly and the beautiful, and everything in between.

photo by: Mia Mala McDonald