Copenhagen’s Forgotten Places According to Vera

Producer, songwriter, all around prolific creative — 
Vera shows no signs of slowing down. Having garnered attention for his collaborations with Norwegian acts like Liss, Soleima, Goss and Off Bloom, the artist has turned his lens inward, focusing on his own creations with the release of single “In And Out Of Love.” Vera directed the video for the track himself, featuring images of his home base of Copenhagen. The smooth, sensual and minimalist electro track is the perfect introduction to the rising artist. Watch the video below and read on to discover some of Vera’s favorite Copenhagen gems.

Cafe Sommersko

Actually I’ve only been here a few times, but this place has been one of the main influences in my music. 20-30 years ago, it was one of the most “in” places in Copenhagen for celebs, artists and ad men. When I did the beat for my first single “In And Out Of Love” this was the music they were all listening to when they where sitting in the bar pretending to be cool and “French.” Now it’s quite another clientele — tourists etc., but the vibe is still there.

Tanodoori Masala
It feels like every day in Copenhagen they’re opening up a new fancy pseudo gourmet restaurant. Almost every time I visit these places I get disappointment and I feel so sorry for all the older forgotten places around Copenhagen that the magazines and news papers don’t write about anymore. One of them is Tandoori Masala and they have a few joints around Copenhagen. It’s super decent Indian food. Go for their papadums and chutney, mango lassi, Balti Lamb Palak and Chiken Korma. The interior is crazy — it feels like you entered a scene in Pusher (the first Nicholas Winding Refn film).

Røde kors, Hellerup
This second hand shop is the best female clothing store I’ve ever visited. It’s located in a super posh area, so all the rich ladies will go there and turn in their old designers clothes which you can buy for no money. The whole Hellerup area is beautiful so take your time and stop by the beach for a swim. 

Super cozy place if you would like a few beers and one of the few places in Copenhagen where you can still smoke inside. I really like the area where it is located. Until the 00s it was a common place for young people to live, but now its almost only families living there, so you feel quite alone when you are there even though it’s super central and close to more busy areas. They have a piano if you wanna play a little song. Ive never met a person there under 50, hehe.

Leos Pizza
I just found this place a month ago and I can’t understand why no one has told me about it before. It’s like there is this pizza mafia in Copenhagen that makes sure that it’s always the same pizza places that gets highlighted. This is definitely the best pizza in town — it’s really down to earth and cheap and they are using real mozzarella and it’s way better than the ones you get on the 2017 yuppie pizza places that pop up everywhere in Copenhagen. The decorating is romantic and tasteful — red-checked table cloths, home made Tíramisu and cold Peronis in the fridge. Go there with the ones you love.

photo by: courtesy of the artist