Concept album from Scarlet Pleasure introduces a dystopian world of opportunity

Sitting pretty at the top of the charts in Denmark is eccentric trio Scarlet Pleasure who heavily influence youth culture with their breezy sound. The group released the first part of their album Garden on June 16, which introduced an entirely new approach to a full-length project.

The three found most of their inspiration from the suburbs of Copenhagen and built their musical chemistry off of this secret world they built with one another to create and express themselves freely.

The conceptual album Garden embodies a feeling of stepping into an untouched, alternate universe where good-natured fun is at the forefront of discovery.

Singles “SOS” and “Better” from the project are considered to be “plants” in the garden and both represent the hope that opportunity can blossom from anywhere.

The overall visual of Garden creates a space that explains our desire to control and imitate nature in a tech world. Dystopian hints will be planted in the “garden” as a subtle comment to climate changes and a salute to a youth culture that speaks up and demands change.

The album creation process took about two years and spanned various locations. This dedication paid off as the three were able to create a full-length project that resonates with youth beyond their home country.

The project is both retro and futuristic blending and involves many visual concepts relating to dystopian lands and nature in a tech-filled world. These images symbolize a larger narrative of demanding progressive change.

“We have been in a secret garden, where imagination, playfulness, naivety is everything and where all the colors are scaled up and you have the nerve to believe in your own genius. This is also how we want our music to feel when you listen,” the band explains.

The band continues to tease their new music during acoustic performances online. Even a global pandemic cannot stop Scarlet Pleasure from stretching their imaginations and rocking the green in the garden.

Listen to the first part of Garden below!