COLLiDE x Voodoo: Colony House’s Fest Dossier

Tennessee’s indie pop-rockers Colony House released their sophomore effort Only the Lonely early this year and are playing Voodoo Fest in New Orleans at the end of the month. Comprised of brothers Caleb (vocals) and Will Chapman (drums), guitarist Scott Mills, and Parke Cottrell on bass, Colony House is the creative output of four close friends.  This tight-knit relationship of the band comes across in the chemistry they display, both on stage and on record.  We spoke to Colony House to learn their thoughts on playing the Big Easy. Don’t miss the band in our NOLA vinyl package.

What do you love about New Orleans?
The culture is fascinating.  But who doesn’t love THE FOOD?

Who are you looking forward to seeing at Voodoo Fest?
Foo Fighters.

What are you looking forward to about New Orleans?
All the food. Beignets for DAYZZZ.

Pre-show Ritual?
Slap each other then hug each other then pray!

What do you love about playing a festival?
It feels like a big ole love fest. It’s fun being a part of peoples’ “vacations,” so to speak. I love all the smiles at festivals.

What’s in your rider?
Pappy van Winkle bourbon, ice cold beer, pretzel M&Ms warmed to 100 degrees so they melt in your mouth immediately. Also five personal masseuses… and a Sega Genesis with Sonic and two controllers.  Our rider is never fulfilled sadly.

Post-show ritual?
Take off our pants to help stop the profuse sweating.

photo by: background: Charles Reagan Hackleman