COLLiDE x Voodoo: Black Pistol Fire’s Fest Dossier

Incendiary duo Black Pistol Fire have been lighting up festival stages since SXSW 2013 with their homegrown brand of stripped down, fist-pumping blues rock. Guitarist/vocalist Kevin McKeown and drummer Eric Owen draw from classic rockers like Led Zeppelin as well as The Black Keys and other modern rock acts, but bring a level of intensity that surpasses most of their contemporaries in the current indie rock scene.  Black Pistol Fire are playing Voodoo Fest this weekend so we caught up with them to discuss the ups and downs of working the festival circuit.  Don’t miss these guys in our NOLA vinyl package or in New Orleans — they are known to melt faces.

What do you love about New Orleans?
It’s the most unique city in North America. The music, the food, the vibe…

Who are you looking forward to seeing at Voodoo Fest?
Always love seeing the Foos.  We’ve never seen Kendrick, so we’re stoked to see what his show is like.  Brand New will be retiring soon, so we’ll have to see them again, and the Black Angels are always amazing and terrifying at the same time.

What are you looking forward to doing in New Orleans?
Eat!  Have to hit up Atchafalaya in the Garden District.

What’s your pre-show ritual?
We sing the song “Sandwiches” by Canadian children’s artist Fred Penner. It is a sea chant about a love for sandwiches.  Then we take a shot of Jameson.

What do you love about playing a festival?
The idea that festivals are one big party and people have blocked out this day to listen to music and have a great time.  This creates a great atmosphere.

What’s your favorite backstage perk?
Hanging with other bands.  Getting to catch up with ones we already now and getting to meet new friends!

What are some of your rider requests?
Jameson Whiskey, a bunch of different beers, and socks.  Yes, socks.  You lose so many socks when on the road and putting on dirty socks is mighty gross.

What has been your favorite festival to play?
There are so many good ones.  Lollapalooza was amazing for us, Governor’s Ball, playing Bonnaroo was a dream come true.  But our best show as a Live Out in Monterrey, Mexico last year.  It was just bananas!  It was definitely the most people we’ve ever played before.

What is the best festival performance you’ve ever seen?
The Police at Bonnaroo 2007.  They were amazing, but you could see how much tension there was on stage between the members.  It was wild!  My Morning Jacket at Governor’s Ball 2015 was pretty incredible as well.


photo by: background: Scott Johnson/Flickr