COLLiDE staff shares their album in heaviest rotation

With the constant updates of best new music, the staff here at COLLiDE shares their favorite album in heaviest rotation, new and old.

Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll be updating this list with our staff picks of most listened to records of the week with a couple of wildcard topics here and there. What’s in your heaviest rotation?

Carla Contreras

Image result for pinkerton weezer

Album in heaviest rotation: Pinkerton by Weezer: For whatever reason, I’ve been listening to this record more frequently than usual. Is it because I’m sad? Is it because I miss Weezer? Is it because I crave the year 1996 (I was only a baby and had no real responsibility, ha!)? Who knows! But this album is timeless.”

Jack Federman

Image result for gain the axe by bleep bloop

Album in heaviest rotation: Gain The Axe by Bleep Bloop: Angry modular music by a guy with a silly name. It’s what I’m into.”

Frances Welch

Image result for prize // reward good morning

Album in heaviest rotation: Prize // Reward by Good Morning: I’m not sure there’s one bad song on this record and I can’t stop listening to it. Their latest record, The Option, which came out this year is also pretty great but I love revisiting their other two records. Super chill but appropriate to put on for any occasion.”

William Bearden

Image result for crown shyness trash boat

Album in heaviest rotation: “Crown Shyness by Trash Boat.

Emma the Intern

Image result for golden hour kacey musgraves

Album in heaviest rotation: Golden Hour by Kacey Musgraves.