COLLiDE staff shares their album in heaviest rotation

With the constant updates of best new music, the staff here at COLLiDE is just looking to share their favorite album in heaviest rotation, new and old.

Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll be updating this list with our staff picks of most listened to records of the week with a couple of wildcard topics here and there. What’s in your heaviest rotation?

Carla Contreras

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Album in heaviest rotation: “Bambi by Hippo Campus: Hippo Campus’ sophomore record is a hit in my book! it’s an odd departure from their debut record Landmark featuring weird synth hooks and airy vocal but it’s a step in the right direction. Album highlights: “Anxious” & “Bubbles.”

Jack Federman

Image result for Down 2 Earth, Vol. 4 by Ras G

Album in heaviest rotation: Down 2 Earth, Vol. 4 by Ras G: Ras G passed away this past month, but his newest album showed he had no intention of slowing down. Truly one of the greatest beatmakers of our time, this album displayed only a small percentage of his talent.”

Frances Welch

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Album in heaviest rotation: On Fire by Galaxie 500: This album is really pretty timeless. It came out in ’89 but could’ve been released last week. This album always catches me when I’m feeling a little emo but it’s perfect for those end-of-summer final grass hangouts in the park.”

Monique Gilbert

Image result for Shepherd In A Sheepskin Vest

Album in heaviest rotation: Shepherd In A Sheepskin Vest by Bill Callahan: I love his voice so much. He reminds me so much of my good friends in Chicago. Love.”

Molly Kodros

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Album in heaviest rotation:Let It Be by The Beatles: “The Long & Winding Road” gets me every time, and it’s been interesting to learn about Phil Spector’s involvement.”

William Bearden

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Album in heaviest rotation: A Different Shade of Blue (2019) by Knocked Loose: Another killer album by the underrated Knocked Loose, “Mistakes Like Fractures” might be my highlight song of the year.”