COLLiDE in Quarantine: Top Staff Picks for Staying Sane Inside!
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We’re officially Week 2 into quarantine and I’m sure you’re starting to feel it. The COLLiDE staff is here to help freshen up your routine. Check out our top picks for all things music, movies, TV, and general tips to staying sane during social distancing!


What are you watching?

Re-runs of The Office, The Bold Type, The Grand Tour, Bon Appetite on YouTube, Forensic Files and learning more about cars via Donut MediaBritt

NARCOS! – Alan 

If I’m being honest, I’ve been streaming old episodes of The Hills while working at home on my couch (No shame)… Also Zoolander, I Am Not Okay With This (binged in a night), Seinfeld, Dave, and when I need good wholesome (doesn’t make me anxious) fun – HGTV or Disney Channel Original movies from the 90’s  – Maddie

The terrible 100 humans Netflix show. Also Schitt’s Creek (third time through, I think?) – Colleen


What are you listening to?  (discover more of our picks in our COLLiDE Loves Playlist)

Alice Boman, Phillip Glass, US Girls, Chromatics, Cigarettes After Sex, Jesse Ware, Phoebe Bridgers, Yves Tumor, Destroyer, Angel Olsen – Monique

Four Tet, Smart E’s, Toro Y Moi, Teebs, Great Dane – Jack

Merle Haggard, Grateful Dead, The Doors, Mick Jenkins, Noname, Mac Miller – Parker

Phoebe Bridgers,  Julia Jacklin, Big Thief, Courtney Barnett, Pearla, Nouvelle Vague, Livingmore, Aloud, Alabama Shakes, Zee Avi – Maddie

Spaceface, Altin Gün, Chiiild, Moullinex, Jungle – Britt


What are you snacking on?

So many homemade meals! Eggs, tuna sandwiches, grilled cheese, gumbo, chicken, salads, bananas…cheez its…tequila, champagne and beer – Britt

Banana nut overnight oats. So easy to make + GAMECHANGER! Also, iced coffee. Cannot function with iced coffee. – Carla

All the almonds in the world! – Alan

Coffee w Baileys, strawberries, frozen cauliflower pizza – Monique

Siete Lime Chips with Siete cashew queso (sponsor me please Siete), Kettle Salt & Vinegar Chips, Wine, Ben’s homemade soup (he’s made enough for a month), Banza Mac n Cheese, Reeses, La Croix – Maddie

I’ve cut out most of my snacking during the quarantine, and focused on having healthier meals (out of necessity, not wellbeing). Some snacks have included starbursts and double fudge brownie ice cream. I also have found out I make a mean Hot Toddy. – Jack


What are you doing to keep sane

I’m about to sing out the window Italian Quarantine style and thank goodness for the free Planet Fitness workouts (live daily @ 4PM) and Fender Play bass tutorials – Britt

Rooting on the Hanshin Tigers in pre season baseball  – Alan

Walking the dog, Facetiming the friends + family, journaling the thoughts, listening to the podcasts, reading the books – Monique

Going on evening runs in the rain (6 ft. from everyone don’t worry), playing Exploding Kittens/other card games + drinking wine, inside dance parties (post-wine), playing/writing music, letting my Chinchilla run all over me and wrote this song with my boyfriend (plus this bonus) – Maddie

Hanging out on my porch on really sunny days with my neighbor’s cat, Leche. Re-editing old show photos. Exchanging memes with my friends. Debating hot sauce superiority with my mom. Singing in the shower. – Carla

Cooking, learning to sing, riding scooter – Ross

Corepower Yoga is offering free classes to watch on your TV. Watching a ton of movies and shows that I’ve been meaning to watch. Endlessly scrolling through Reddit. Group facetime with friends. – Jack

Playing with my doggo, Dude 🙂 – Parker

And lastly…

Working hard! – Colleen’s cat Maggie